Saturday, March 8, 2008

ABC's of ME

Still a work in progress....
I got this idea from another blog, GenPink (check it out!) and decided that I would do the same thing. This may be a work in progress because I have a little writer's block today and am in need of a nap! But, I will at least start it today.

A-Adventurous: I like a little adventure in my life from time to time. Often, I wish I could be more adventurous, however, at this point it takes $$ that I don't have for the things that I want to do.

B-Breaking Up: It has occurred in my life over the past two months more than ever. With the same guy. Class-act. Yes. Over a text message again tonight. What a great guy....ha!

C-Cautious: I am a very cautious person. Mostly in regard to my relationships, whether this be a friendship or something more. I don't open up very easily and sometimes can be hard to get along with because of it. I am cautious because I am scared to be hurt. However, I met someone who acts much like I used to...and it made me realize what an idiot I was. No one gets by in this life by being scared-we get hurt, it is what happens. I am working on this....

D-Diamonds: They aren't a girl's best friend for nothing. And, they happen to be my birthstone....lucky girl aren't I? :)

E-E: My nickname. Some of my guy friends started to call me this in H.S. and it has stuck. It's short and sweet, I approve!

F-Friends: I absolutely adore my friends. They are so unbelievably valuable to me. I will stick FAMILY in here as well. Without these two things my life would amount to nothing. They are my rock.

G-Giving: I love to give. Don't get me wrong I love receiving things too....but I just love to buy or make people things. If had a lot of $ my friends and family would be beyond spoiled!

H-Happy: Most of the has taken me a long time to be happy with myself. I don't need anyone else to make me happy. We create our own happiness.

I-Intelligent: I am not afraid to shout it from the roof-tops that I am smart! :o) I think that intelligence is a huge turn-on....just not the whole "know-it-all" thing.

J- (And this is where I get stuck. Maybe a little nap will help. And, if not, I am sure that the wine night later with Mafia will help!) Update later.

I am a chocolate coma nonetheless, about to open a bottle of wine.


K-Kids: My passion in life. I have known since I was a little girl that I wanted to be a teacher. I can remember back in elementary school begging my teachers to let me stay inside for recess to help grade papers or play in the teacher's edition of textbooks. I also come from a family of educators, so I have been around education all of my life. Now I have the degree, a full resume, and no job.

L-Laughing: I absolutely love to laugh. I think laughing can cure anything, especially if you are laughing while drinking a nice bottle of wine! :)

M-Money: All I can say is I wish I had some right now. Like tonight for instance, Mafia and I took back cans and scraped together our change so we could buy a bottle of wine, a pizza, and a chocolate cake. Oh man do I need a job!

N- Naps: Oh how I love being able to take a good nap. My nap today, not so good. I am pretty sure I was getting phone calls or text messages every 10 minutes. It never occurred to me however to turn my phone on silent. Go me.


P-PP: My previous place of employment. Of course PP stands for the place that I used to work, and won't provide that information for various reasons, but it is the place where I met some of the most important people in my life.

Q-Quiet: I enjoy being surrounded by people most of the time....however I enjoy spending time with myself just as much. This includes watching a movie, curling up in bed to read a good book, or taking a nice relaxing bubble bath.

R-Reading: I really enjoy to read. I love all genres of literature....blogs, magazines, fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, etc.

S-Sunshine: Can it please come soon? I am so sick of winter, snow, slush, and cold. I love opening the sunroof and rocking out to some good ole' tunes when the sun is shining. (& Shoes....another "S" word)

T-Trust: I have a very hard time trusting people. Men in general. I have my reasons, but they are in my past...remember I am working on this! :)

U-Underwear: I spend way too much money at Victoria's Secret on this! Which would explain why that credit card is currently around $800.






Friday, March 7, 2008

The Etiquette of Texting

So, I came across this texting etiquette article and had to share it. I myself am guilty of a few of these texting no-no's. However, #2 really made me laugh, as yes, one (maybe even more) of the 8 break-ups was conducted this way. Are there any good men left out there?

  1. Common courtesy still rules. Contrary to popular belief, composing an SMS while you're in a face-to-face conversation with someone is just about as rude as taking a voice call.
  2. Remember that SMS is informal. SMS shouldn't be used for formal invitations or to dump your girlfriend or boyfriend. The casualness of SMS diminishes the strength and meaning of the message.
  3. Don't get upset if you don't get a reply. Before you text someone and get frustrated at the lack of a response, be sure that they're familiar with how to use the service, and that their carrier will accept messages from yours.
  4. Be aware of your tone. It is extremely difficult to discern tone in text messages, just as in e-mail. What seems to you to be a completely innocuous message may be grossly misinterpreted by the recipient, causing certain discomfort if not irreparable harm.
  5. Don't SMS while you're driving. Talking on the phone is bad enough. You won't know what hit you - or what you hit - if you are pounding out a message on your keyboard.
  6. Leave the slang to the kids. Don't expect your stodgy superiors at work to be hip to the lingo of the SMS streets. And don't expect to win points with your kids by trying to be cool, either.
  7. Remember that SMS can be traced. Anonymous messages - if you must send them -are still best sent from Web sites.
  8. Be conscientious of others' schedules. Don't assume that because you are awake, working, not busy, or sober that the person you're texting is as well. Many a pleasant slumber have been interrupted by recurring "beep-beep...beep-beeps" of messages.
  9. If it's immediate, make a voice call. If you can't get through and your text message is ignored, there's probably a good reason. There are still some times when people don't even have a thumb free to respond.
  10. Remember that your phone does have an off button. There are very, very few things in the world that absolutely cannot wait.

6 Days.....Leaves Me With 8 Potential "Break-ups"

Where to start...where to start. Well, I met 6Days through a friend's boyfriend. We were at a bar, classy....but I figured he was decent because he was a friend of a friend etc. To the eye....he was what I wanted-attractive, muscular, athletic...the physical type I usually lean toward. But, as the saying goes there is more than what meets the eye. And oh boy, with him is that true. Not in a good sense however. He has brought more drama into my life than one could think was possible. Even though he claims to hate drama...he's the one bringing it onto himself. We started to hang out quite a bit after we had met. Then one night he brought up the dreaded "what are we?" question. I was still really unsure if I wanted to date this guy, but figured what the heck take the leap and see where it gets you. (Wrong decision).We dated for a total of 6 days before his psychotic side began to show and he decided afterhe brought it up that he wasn't ready for a relationship. I was like whatever, funny, considering it was his idea. So, whatever, I move on-I mean how hard is it really when you have dated someone for 6 days? He proceeds to constantly text me, he misses me, etc. etc. etc. Basically a bunch of BS. We somehow start to hang out again and decide that we are together again...this was right around the end of December. In the last two months he has tried to break up with me 8 times. You are asking why we are still together? Well, everytime I say fine, if that is the way you want it, that is what you are going to get....and tell him we won't talk/text if that is the decision he wants to make....he changes his mind because he doesn't want that either. So, things go back to normal for a week or so at most-then he gets drunk and the breaking up begins once again. His reason-I deserve someone better, he's not good enough for me, blah blah blah. Well, he is getting his wish-he has talked me into it. I do deserve someone better. I know this. Now, if I could only go through with it.

However, considering the fact that he has failed to call me all day and return any of my text messages or phone calls it is making it that much more simple. So thank you 6Days-at least we are both on the same page that yes, I am better than you and yes, I do deserve someone better.

Meet Me...and my crazy friends...

Well, here I am...about to embark on the this journey...otherwise known as creating a blog. I often find myself reading other people's blogs for entertainment-and the more I have pondered I have come to the conclusion that my life is just as crazy/entertaining as theirs so why not write about it?

I have been trying to think of a way to start off my blog, I mean there is so much to say. I decided that I couldn't start off without introducing the people in my life. The ones who make me crazy, who keep me sane, and above everything else are a part of my life. I think this way it will make it easier to understand my posts thereafter. So ready, set, go.... (*Names are being the form of nicknames that seem to so well suit these people.)

  1. MafiaPrincess-But, we will just refer to her as Mafia.... :) I think she'd rather the Princess....but she will just have to deal. :) I came to know Mafia a couple years ago when we began working together. I don't think either of us ever thought we would be this close of friends. She is one of my nearest and dearest....and the drama between both of our lives always gives us an excuse to open a bottle of wine, or two, and eat chocolate cake. This never solves the problems, but it does make it better for the time being as we drink, eat, and compare our daily lives to Sex and the City. Don't know where I would be without her.
  2. Big-(Told you we liked to compare our lives to Sex and the City!) I have known Big since I was in 9th grade. So, a little more than 11 years. Big and I became friends through friends and there was always something there, however wrong timing was also always there. We remained friends through High School and college. We psuedo dated in college for a little while, but as you will learn about me....I have a weird way with guys, committment, and everything that comes along with it. So, we went back and forth for awhile...and when I was finally ready to admit to myself that I was in love with this guy-he moves. Perfect timing right? Yes, our "relationship" has always come down to timing. I have gone to visit him once in the past two years he has been gone, and he comes home a few times out of the year. And, yes, everytime he comes home and we see eachother the feelings rush back.....and that is where it ends. If only....
  3. Giant-Is a guy I only met recently in the past year. I am really not sure if words will be able to describe him. I met him due to one of my Summertime hobbies-and it happens to be one of his places of work. (He is a work-a-holic.) I had the biggest crush on him all Summer...and due to a bet with some friends I finally asked him out at the end of the Summer. Well, it never went anywhere, besides a few phone calls here and there....we live about an hour away. Now, due to some unfortunate circumstances he has a little more time on his hands and we have been chatting it up quite frequently and have even hung out once. His values, morals, opinions, etc. are everything I want in a guy-at least that I think I want....but, one problem....his ex-girlfriend....I think there still might be something there, or he is carrying around baggage because of her....we'll see what happens.
  4. 6Days-I will explain his nickname later....but he is my current boyfriend-when we aren't fighting or breaking up, lol. He is very insecure and very scared of committment and being serious. So, this causes a lot of drama. I will try to explain that in another post. I am usually a no-nonsense type of girl, and am still trying to figure out why I put up with his bullshit. I don't understand him, or myself for that matter in this situation, so it makes it hard.
These are probably the most frequent "characters" that will be showing up in this blog....but as I talk about more people I will be sure to include a short synopsis of them.... :)
Now onto me, the most important person of this blog, kidding. I am almost 24 years old...a college graduate without a job. (Try finding a teaching job in Michigan, tons of fun). I moved back home after living on my own for 5 years, big reality shock. Am up to my neck in credit card bills and lead a drama filled life. I hate drama. It just seems to follow me around-but then again, why I let it? Good question. The only cure I have for it at this point is to drink lots of good wine with Mafia. :) Seriously, if only my wine bottles could talk, I am sure they would have some crazier stories than I am willing to post on here....